School Observatory on integration

The School Observatory on integration aims at ensuring information and specialized counselling services, both direct or via e-mail, to families, teachers and operators concerning matters pertaining to school integration. It is set out into two domains:

Legal regulations area
This domain is concerned with the gathering of specific regulations on school integration and with its constant up dating. Information and explanatory factsheets aim at reporting on the main national and regional laws, decrees, rulings, circulars and regulations that refer to school integration. The factsheets indicate specific references to rules and articles and their key points are clarified.

Psycho-educational area
The function of this area is to be acquainted with, gather and make available both the information concerning the discussion of theories on school inclusion of Down’s syndrome pupils and the documentation of practical experiences lived by Down’s syndrome pupils and by their teachers in schools of all kinds and levels.

Sectors of intervention and services:
• Information: this is a critical re-elaboration activity concerning what is being published on this specific theme. It aims at underlining the most important and significant themes.

• Counselling Guidance: this is a space for comparison and verification for teachers and families. The purpose is to help users to clarify and give support for the solution of problems in conflicting situations;

• Documentation: this is an integral part of a work method and of qualified planning. It is a reflection and a re-elaboration on the work done and is an active file available to other people. With this in mind there are monographs concerning a wide spectrum of themes which pertain directly or crosswise to schools as well as a collection of Good Practices that are a testimony to a possible integration quality;

• Training: we think it is fundamental to maintain a space for permanent training that concerns shared programming, targeted evaluation within the scope of the whole educational and didactic course, coordination between school and family and collaboration with teachers. This also includes the refresher courses for teachers who ask for– through the various branches – guidance and participation;

• School reporting members of the AIPD branches: training, coordination and consultancy;

• Relationships and collaborations with government institutions and with private welfare bodies that are concerned with schools, in particular:
– Coordination and management of the accreditation of AIPD at the Ministry for Education as an official institution entitled to train school employees;
– Participation as members of the Consulta delle Associazioni (Associations Council), to the meetings of the permanent control body for school integration of handicapped at the Ministry for Education;
– Coordination of the work and of the periodic meetings of the Gruppo Scuola del Coordinamento Nazionale Associazioni delle persone con sindrome di Down (School Group of the National Coordination of Associations of people with Down’s syndrome);
– Participation to the monitoring and comparison meetings of the School Control for integration of the FISH (Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell’Handicap – Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicap).

To contact the AIPD School Observatory for information or to ask specific questions:

Tel. Fax: 06/3723909
Skype ID: osservatorioscolasticoaipd

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