Routes for autonomy education

Through a special service, National AIPD concerns itself with coordination and support of the activities of the local Branches to set up Routes of Autonomy Education.
This service operates through constant contacts with local operators and the establishing of visits to the branches. On the platform “AIPD formazione online” (“AIPD online training”) a permanent space is maintained for supervision, advice, updating and comparisons among operators.
In addition, it is possible to insert and analyse online, the observation files of those who attended autonomy courses for teenagers that took place in the local Branches.

Every year (in October and in December), two training seminars are set up for operators concerned with the AIPD courses. These are also open to outsiders such as operators coming from other associations, cooperatives for housing assistance and ASL (local health centres) etc.

It is possible to contact the service by email writing to:

Some thoughts on the theme of autonomy for people with intellectual disabilities…
There is by now an acquired awareness in all domains that good personal and social autonomy is one of the fundamental prerequisites to guarantee good social inclusion in a work context and for a future life outside one’s home.
The experience acquired by AIPD on the theme of autonomy education has matured over more than 20 years. Its methods are a reference point also for other experiences which came up subsequently in other domains not only within Italian and foreign associations.

To face the autonomy theme means that operators and families do not just aim at achieving some skills but that of acknowledging and fostering changes during the growing process from childhood, to being a teenager and an adult.
This is why during the courses further aspects of adult life are faced as for example affectivity, sexuality, and the theme of the right to vote.

The experience of the courses on education for autonomy has on the one hand given many young people tools enabling them to become part of the world of adults and on the other hand has revealed many new demands. New projects stemmed from the initiatives of the young people and their families: projects to organize free time, to prepare one selves for an independent life outside the family nucleus, insertion in the world of employment.

AIPD courses on Autonomy

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