Monitoring the employment world

The increase of life expectancy for people with Down’s syndrome (about 62 years) and the subsequent number of living adults (60% of the people with Down’s syndrome in Italy today are adults), has made it necessary to intervene with regard to the inclusion of people Down’s syndrome in the employment world.

To achieve this the “Osservatorio sul mondo del lavoro” (Monitoring the employment world) is operational since 2002.
This service aims at offering to the AIPD branches all over the territory concrete support to achieve placement of people with handicaps in the work environment.
This kind of action is shouldered by constant work aimed at making companies and society in general aware of whom people with Down’s syndrome are and what they could be as company employees.

The activities promoted by the Osservatorio concern:

1) Support for AIPD branches for placement in the work environment:
– Monitoring of related legislations (in collaboration with Telephone D, (see information factsheets in the work section);
– Collaboration with the Servizi di Inserimento Lavorativo (SIL) (Services for jobs placement) in the AIPD branches for the monitoring of already existing experiences, remote counselling and face to face counselling for specific cases, support through contacts in local firms;
– Online training with a course available from the AIPD Formazione piattaforma Moodle, available to all operators in all branches that are concerned with placement in the work environment;
– Support/make aware families of the theme of employment for adults;
– Presence of a telephone counselling and support line (every Thursdays from 3p.m. to 5 p.m.) for people with Down’s syndrome who are about to be employed or who already have a job;

2) Information/sensitization of firms, institutions and public opinion:
– Constant awakening of public opinion especially by participating in events and symposia and the distribution of information material in Italy and abroad;
– Distribution of the advertising campaign “Let’s hire them!” for television networks, internet sites, national and local newspapers;
– Creation/reinforcement of contacts and collaborations with the person Responsible for Human Resources within large firms and other employment agencies, to create useful contacts in the territory. Important collaborations were started up over the years with the Fondazione Adecco Per le Pari Opportunità and HR Community Academy (Human Resources Community), that offered their support for training and awareness activities within company environments (in the last 2 years hundreds of prestigious companies have been made aware through participation in events and the sending of ad hoc material).

3) Updating of data base of people with Down’s syndrome who are employed and monitoring of placements (in 2013 Research was made on the state of employment of people with Down’s syndrome);

4) Search for National Bans where to present projects related to this theme and support for those divisions who create their own;

5) Maintenance of the by-now historical collaboration with Presidency of the Italian Republic (from 1999) to create training stages among the services provided for the presidency (Gardens in Rome, Castelporziano and Villa Rosebery in Naples; Kitchen and Table Service and the Library in Rome). Each year young people with Down’s syndrome from all the AIPD divisions interested, with e support of a local teacher, undergo formative courses of 1 to 2 weeks at one of the services available. In 2013 17 young people with Down’s syndrome where involved in six different experiences.

To contact the Osservatorio Lavoro:

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