The Organization

The AIPD is an ONLUS that is a Non Profit Organization with a Social Purpose.
“Non-profit” means that the Association does not want to make a profit to hoard money but rather to use all its money to undertake useful activities.

Most of the members are parents and people with a Down’s syndrome but anybody can become a member. The members of the Association are entitled to some benefits. Every three years the members elect their own representatives. The Board of Directors is a group of people elected by the members to decide matters concerning the Association.
The Auditors are a group of people that see to it that the Association’s money is well spent.

The Board of Arbitrators is the group that helps the members to come to an agreement if some problems are raised.

There is in addition the Scientific Committee, which is a group of experts of various specializations (medicine, psychology, education, legal rights) that helps AIPD to keep abreast of all scientific breakthroughs.

The Associazione Italiana Persone Down has 50 branches in Italy.
The AIPD works together with other associations to have more of an impact.

It is a member of:
• FISH – Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell’Handicap (The Italian Federation for overcoming disabilities), and in Europe, it is a member of:
• EDSA (European Down Syndrome Association)
• FID (Forum Italiano per la Disabilità) (Italian Forum for Disabilities).
AIPD is also in contact with other associations of people who have Down’s syndrome all over the world.

You can find here the Statuto, the AIPD Guidelines and the curriculum.

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