Who are the people with Down’s syndrome and what do they do

How many people have Down’s syndrome in Italy?
In Italy today there is one Down’s syndrome baby out of every 1.200 newly born babies.
According to some research in Italy, there are about 38.000 people with Down’s syndrome and most of them are more than 25 years old.

What can Down’s syndrome people learn?
The presence of the additional chromosome number 21 means that people with Down’s syndrome find it a little harder to do the things that one does every day and that one learns at school.
This is because the additional chromosome slows down their growth and makes everything a little harder… but not impossible!

People with Down’s syndrome can do almost the same things that other people do but with more effort and taking a longer time.
The development (the growth that is) of a child with Down’s syndrome happens more slowly but in the same way as it does with other children.

Children with Down’s syndrome do the same things that other children do: walk, speak, run, go to school, and learn to read and write, be with friends.
Sometimes it takes them longer.

People with Down’s syndrome are different one from the other and need different kinds of help.
Most of them achieve a good level of personal autonomy.
To learn to take care of one’s body (to wash, to dress, etc.), to cook, to go out shopping by oneself, to play sports, to meet friends, to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.Many people with Down’s syndrome when they are adults learn a profession and find work and do it well.

In other words, people with Down’s syndrome are able to do many things and can learn to do many others.
For this potential to become reality, it is important that everybody learn to know it and provide help in the right way and trust their capacities…, which are many.

Clichés about people with Down’s syndrome.

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