International and Project Office

Since 2002 AIPD, has set up an International Office to take care of the contacts with associations abroad and to set up projects to submit to the European Commission.
This is in order to give a greater weight to the useful exchange of experiences and good practices aimed at the formulation of protocols on themes of primary interest (taking charge and sexual education).

Although the priority of this Office concerns international projects, the Office also collaborates in other activities of national planning with as wide a scope as possible:
• Preliminary investigation using internet sites specialized in European calls;
• Search for possibilities for funding also from Italian and foreign Foundations;
• Presentation of possible projects and concepts linked to a project idea;
• Drawing up of the project idea;
• Search for an Italian and European partnership;
• Writing out of the project;
• Establishing a Budget in collaboration with the administration Office;
• Signing up of the project and dispatch to the appropriate bodies;
• Evaluation of the projects;
• Connections with national Agencies;
• Reading, records.

To contact the Office you can write to

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