Its History

AIPD was born on January 2nd 1979 from a small group of families and was called Associazione Bambini Down (A.B.D.) (Down’s syndrome children’s Association)

– 1982: the first AIPD division was created in the town of Viterbo. There are now 47 local branches all over Italy. Thus, the Association grew over the years and it has become known throughout Italy.
The Association moved to Viale delle Milizie 106, in Rome, where it is still currently located.
A newspaper called “Sindrome Down Notizie” (Down’s syndrome News) was published on a regular basis.

– 1987: on October 4th, AIPD organized the first Giornata Nazionale della Persona con Sindrome di Down (The National People with Down’s syndrome Day) in the squares of many Italian cities.

– 1989: the first course to teach autonomy begins in Rome with 22 young pupils. This is the first “Club dei Ragazzi” (Young People’s Club) in Italy.
A wallet with pockets was designed and is still used today by boys and girls with Down’s syndrome.
At this time, conferences and seminars were organized to discuss the Association’s projects.

– 1992: the Association changes name and becomes AIPD – Associazione Italiana Persone Down (Italian Association for people with Down’s syndrome).
The children are growing up and everybody has to understand this process.
Some of the young people begin working at McDonald’s.

– 1997: some parents and families create the Fondazione Italiana Verso il Futuro (Italian Foundation Towards the Future) that takes care of ‘Family Houses’ and helps adults with Down’s syndrome to start living alone without their parents.
There are more and more Italian cities with AIPD divisions and so do the educational courses teaching autonomy.
Many different activities take place during these years. For example, AIPD participates in a world conference in Madrid. The house at Zovello is inaugurated and the film “A proposito di sentimenti” (‘Speaking of Feelings’) is produced.
Training courses begin at the Quirinale (N.B. – The Quirinal Palace or “Quirinale” is the current official residence of the President of the Italian Republic) open to young people from all over Italy.

– 2002: the Association is constantly looking for funds (which means money to organize activities). It publishes a calendar with famous people such as Raul Bova and Fiorello.
International projects started with the participation of many people with Down’s syndrome.

– 2006: the Association takes part in the first World Down’s syndrome Day with a concert at the Auditorium in Rome.
The Association – together with other associations that are concerned with the Down’s syndrome – creates Coordown.

– 2009: the educational course on autonomy celebrates its twentieth anniversary by organizing an important symposium in Rome.

– 2010: “Slooow”, a watch that is easier to read, is presented to the public.

– 2011: many projects take place with the participation of boys and girls with Down’s syndrome: among them “Amici sul web” (Friends on the web), that teaches them to use Facebook and to keep in touch with friends.

– 2012: the Scientific Committee is renewed. The collaboration with the Quirinale is enhanced with the start of a training course at the library. The spot “Assumiamoli!” (Let’s hire them!) is awarded the “Stella al Merito Sociale” (“Star for Social Merit”) at the 4th International Commitment Awards 2012. The book “Valigia e biglietto, un viaggio perfetto” (A suitcase and a ticket, a perfect journey) is awarded the Premio Alberto Manzi.

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